Trash 'n' Burn 360

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Game Description: Welcome to Trash 'n' Burn 360! You can say that the thrash 'n' burn is back with an all-new shred-a-delic adventure for skateboarding diehards. Make combos: flip tricks, grind, grab trick and other different skateboarding tricks to earn awards for pulling off big combos like high ollies and long grinds. With 3 ways to play this game will take your breath, and therefore play this 360-skateboarding revolution and enjoy in thrashing!! Try other amazing bmx games with the stunt parks where you can also do crazy tricks.

Game Controls: Use the arrow keys to navigate. Up arrow starts your skater and pushes to increase your speed. Down arrow brakes and stops. For manuals: tap the Up arrow quickly, then tap the down arrow for a Manual. Do the reverse for a Nose Manual. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to keep your balance while doing a manual. For tricks: C-key is for flip tricks, V-key to grind, and B-key for grab tricks. Hold C,V, or B with one of the arrow keys to pull different tricks!

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