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Motocross Nitro

Game Description: It is time for some serious Motocross ride! In Motocross Nitro game each player will be able to experience the reality of Motocross world through excellent game 3D graphic and great music background. Reaction of bike rider as character in the game is excellent so player can feel each knoll on the track and must be dexterous with the tricks when rider is in the air. And speaking of tricks, a wide range of tricks is available to player at the very beginning of the game, and later player can unlock more awesome tricks. Sloppie, Whip, Nac Nac, Superman, Can Can, Hart Attack, Volt and much more tricks are available at the start of the game and you can earn Style Points and gain Nitro by performing these tricks. To successfully complete a tricks both wheels need to touch the ground. Win Races to earn cash and unlock new tracks, bikes and tricks. You can upgrade and customize your bike with the cash you earn while racing. You can also customize and upgrade your rider as well as learn new tricks. Choose on the beginning between Desert Sunset sprint track, The Arena freestyle track or Frozen Lake sprint track and enter into the insane Motocross world.

Game Controls: Use the main controls, such as Up arrow key to accelerate and Down arrow key to brake. Use Left and Right arrows to lean. This also you can do with alternative controls: W, S, A, D. Tricks can be performed by Z/X/C keys or with Delete/End/PageDown keys as Alternative controls. To use bike Nitro press Space and to restart tracks use R-key.

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