Gmax Skateboarding

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Game Description: Play Gmax Skateboarding for free. It's a simple, challenging and fun skateboarding game with easy controls. Gmax is a cute little vert skater. If you learn to skate the vert Half Pipe it is hard to stop. The rush is intense and exhausting, and the pipe will give you a different experience every time. If you choose ice Half Pipe then drop in and skate the sketchiest run of your life. You rock him back and forth in a halfpipe, pulling off tricks and trying to earn points. If you win a high score, it's posted for the world to see.

Game Controls: Start position, press DOWN ARROW key to drop in. To keep up the speed in the ramp, press DOWN ARROW key when your skater rides his skateboard up the ramp side to accelerate. Use LEFT ARROW key to do 360' or more. Use RIGHT ARROW key to do Backside Air with Indy Grab. UP ARROW will do Back Flip. Then use Z, C and X keys to perform various air tricks. To get high scores try to combine different tricks.

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